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What is a Scholarship Fund?

A Scholarship Fund is a sum of money that is invested. The income from this money is used to support Jesuits in formation, old and new ministries, and senior Jesuits.

What is a Founder's Fund?

A Founder’s Fund is a sum of at least $50,000.00 that is invested and annually contributes to the expenses of educating a Jesuit, supporting old and new ministries, or caring for a senior Jesuit.

What sum is required to found a Scholarship?

A moderate sum will found (begin) a Scholarship, but a Scholarship is not completed until $15,000.00 has been contributed.

When a Jesuit dies, a Memorial Scholarship is established in his name. Family and friends are invited to contribute to these funds.

Click here to see the current list of available scholarships.

To found a Scholarship Fund, or to contribute to an existing fund, you can either:

  1. Print, fill out the bottom portion of the scholarship form here, and send it to the Advancement Office (address is listed on the form).
  2. Contact the Advancement Office here.