The Canadian Martyrs, Then and Now

Many sanctuaries and churches in the country keep alive the memory of these saints who died between 1642 and 1649 while working to evangelize indigenous peoples in New France. But how did the cult of the martyrs develop and how do their lives still resonate today?

Adam Hincks at Regis College: when faith and big bang collide

Our companion Adam Hincks, SJ, a Ph.D. in physics from prestigious Princeton University, New Jersey, is a fascinating and puzzling person. On October 9th, he was visiting his alma mater Regis College, where he gave a lecture on the contribution of Jesuits to the development of science.

Canadian Jesuit Father Michael Lapierre Celebrates 100th Birthday

Jesuit Father Michael Lapierre, Canada’s oldest Jesuit, turns 100 years old on May 2. Born in Chapeau, Allumette Island, Quebec, Fr. Lapierre was 19 with one year at the University of Ottawa under his belt when he turned up in Guelph, Ontario, to enter the Jesuit novitiate in 1934.

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