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Multidimensional Development: Empowering Haiti’s Rural Communities

The Support Group for Rural Development (GADRU) is a nonprofit organization founded on November 16, 1992, by Fr. Jean-Marie Louis, SJ, not only to oversee and promote the rights of those living in rural communities but also to participate in the construction of an inclusive, fair, and democratic society. According to GADRU’s founding philosophy, the …

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The birth of a new parish in rural Haiti: a story from Erik Oland, SJ

March 16, 2020 — On my recent trip to Haiti I visited the southern peninsula for the first time. This is the region of the country that was devastated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The local community has been desirous of having its own parish for several years and most recently the local bishop, Jesuit Gontran Décoste, asked the Society to discern the possibility of providing a priest for the potential new parish. In the Haitian context a new parish church means also an elementary school and a local health centre.