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Dear Friends of the Jesuits:

Seek God’s house in happy throng;
Crowded let His table be;
Mingle praises, prayer, and song,
Singing to the Trinity.
Henceforth let your souls always
Make each morn an Easter Day.

The great Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ, invites us to be happy and prayerful at Easter and always. Although we may not be able this year to be together “in happy throng”, we remain united through prayer and faith. This Easter, which is different than Easters past, it is important to be mindful of all the things we can do, not those things we cannot. We are blessed with the gift of life, of family, of friends, and with the love of God. Even if we cannot be physically as close to one another as we would like, the gift of technology makes these difficult days far easier than they would have been before.

If you would like to share your happiness that Christ is risen this Easter season, our office has Easter cards available that you can send to family and friends. Please contact us for more information, or order here. 

The Jesuits are grateful for your continued support and your prayers, and wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter. Alleluia!

Barry J. Leidl
Director, Advancement

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