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Dear Friends of the Jesuits:

Labour Day marks the traditional end of summer, the return of students to school, the return to a more normal routine. The return to normal this year is anything but normal, but in most areas we will be returning to more traditional forms of working and schooling, more in-person and less online.

Saint Ignatius has this to say about work:

With regard to any project, we must put ourselves in God's hands as if our success depended on Him, but with regard to choosing the means and doing the work, we must labor as if everything depended on us

I find this a very consoling and inspiring message. To St. Ignatius God was everywhere, in everything, and the concept of finding God in all things is central to Ignatian spirituality and the Jesuit outlook on life and ministry. But St. Ignatius also reminds us that finding God in all things and putting ourselves in God’s hands doesn’t mean that we can expect God to do all the work. For each task we undertake, even though we are in God’s hands, our own hands need to put in some effort. Trusting in God is not the same as assuming he will take over and do the things we ought to do, whether at work, at school, in families, or in the community.

The Jesuits are grateful for your support and pray that this September will be safe and happy for all of you. Your generosity is most valued.

Take care and stay safe.

Barry J. Leidl
Director, Advancement

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