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Dear Friends of the Jesuits:

Normally I would write about one of our Jesuit apostolates but the situation in Haiti is dire and your help is needed now!

Jesuit Provincial Superior, Erik Oland SJ, recently shared his urgent request for help. If you have not had the opportunity to read his letter, it is available here.

As Fr. Oland points out, the Jesuits of Canada have been active in Haiti for centuries and have accompanied the Haitians through the many challenges they have faced. Haitians, in turn, have been generous to the Jesuits, and a full 25% of the Jesuit Province of Canada are Haitian.

The Haitian Jesuits are young and eager to serve God and the Church.

Fr. Oland has asked me to personally reach out to you for help with this urgent appeal.

If you have already contributed, we are most grateful. If not, could you please consider supporting Fr. Oland in his efforts. 

Thank you for your support of the Jesuits and your kind consideration of this urgent appeal to help Jesuits in Haiti to flourish.


Barry J. Leidl
Director, Advancement

Support Us