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Assistant to the Provincial for Partnership Formation

The responsibilities of the Assistant for Partnership Formation are:

Provide opportunities for Jesuit Partners to develop and deepen their understanding of the Society of Jesus

Introduce Jesuit Partners to Ignatian spirituality

Facilitate the ongoing appropriation of Ignatian spirituality

Deepen Jesuit Partners’ understanding of Jesuit mission

Provide opportunities for Jesuits and Partners to develop an understanding of partnership at the service of mission.

The above responsibilities are fulfilled as follows:


Identifying needs and desires for formation

Gathering and organizing resources and making them available to Jesuit Partners in the Province

Offering information and formation sessions


Developing skills for partnership

Developing skills to recognize and respect different vocations in shared mission

Identifying, and acting upon, justice and fairness issues involved in partnerships


Developing guiding values as goals and criteria for evaluation

Identifying ways in which specific apostolates encourage and support decision-making that is mission-based and inspired by the Ignatian heritage

Identifying ways in which each apostolate is an Ignatian apostolic instrument of the Society of Jesus


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