An awareness of the pervasive influence of mass media on the attitudes and perceptions of peoples and cultures is also important in the world of today. Therefore Jesuit education includes programs which enable students to understand and critically evaluate the influence of mass media. Through proper education, these instruments of modern life can help men and women become more, rather than less, human." The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, 1987, #30.


The Jesuit Communication Project is missioned by the Jesuits in English Canada to provide the people of God with the tools and resources to live fully and freely in our mass mediated world. We do this by offering people an informed and critical understanding of the nature, the techniques, and the impact of the media as it is delivered on every platform -  radio, print, film, television and the internet.   The media – digital and otherwise - is responsible for drastically changing cultures and impacting every issue involving social values.

Those who do not understand how contemporary media work, how they construct meanings, how they can be used, and how the evidence they present can be weighed and evaluated are, in our digital age, considerably disadvantaged and jcp-2disempowered.

To be media literate is to watch carefully and to think critically about any media text.

Our mission is not a form of protection but rather a form of preparation for living the call to be men and women for others in a digital age.

The Jesuit Communication Project, founded in 1984, provides jcp-3a variety of resources and services with the goal being to encourage, promote, and develop media literacy across Canada.

The JCP provides workshops, summer courses and presentations. The Project has organized major North American conferences on media literacy.  The project also jcp-4provides a consultancy service for media professionals as well as social agencies throughout the world, has a research library of over 4,000 books and periodicals on the media and offers courses at the University of Toronto.

Working with Face to Face Media of Vancouver, the JCP developed an online university course for media literacy teachers. The course – Understanding Media Literacy: Inside Plato’s Cave – is available through Athabasca University.


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CJI Mission News (Winter 2020)

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