Pastoral and Parish Ministries

Across Canada, Jesuit parishes are proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. This exciting message of hope is being proclaimed to a world that walks in much darkness. And so, in Jesuit parishes in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Guelph, Toronto and St. John’s, it is being received and experienced with great joy.

In all these cities, the Church has asked Jesuits to form centres from which they can reach out in a variety of ministries to people whom the Church is not reaching or is finding it difficult to reach. These centres or parishes are like “store fronts “from which to share the Jesuit tradition, vision and experience. Animated by Jesuits and their collaborators who are steeped in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, these Jesuit parishes have become communities which try to welcome and include all who come searching, especially the lost, the poor and the alienated. They are places where people are encouraged to embrace a faith that does justice.

A faith that does justice is what can set the world on fire with a love for God and our world. And so, with God’s grace through the Eucharist, through its devotions and its multi-directional outreach activity, Jesuit parish communities seek to kindle, ignite and keep this fire lit. Patiently and faithfully discerning when, where and how the Spirit is leading and what is for the greater glory of God, our Jesuit parishes try to commit themselves to work with Christ to realize God’s plan for the world. Sometimes we see success, sometimes we feel we have failed; but we know that it is all God’s work, and that we are only helpers.

Belonging to one of our Jesuit parish communities is for many a privileged place from which to fully engage in life and in the mission of the Church.



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