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A Jesuit education has as its mission the service of faith.
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A Jesuit education - like all the works of the Jesuits - has as its mission the service of faith of which the promotion of justice is an essential element. It is a mission rooted in the belief that a new world community of justice, love and peace needs educated persons of competence, conscience and compassion, men and women who are ready to embrace and promote all that is fully human, who are committed to working for the freedom and dignity of all peoples, and who are willing to do so in cooperation with others equally dedicated to the reform of society and its structures.

A Jesuit education is based upon Ignatian pedagogy derived from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. Through the commitment and efforts of all members of the learning community - students, parents, staff, alumni, friends and board members - our students develop into competent, conscientious and compassionate men and women for others who dedicate their lives to leadership through service students-stpaulsand cooperation with others in order to praise, reverence, and serve God. Our education forms graduates to become lifelong learners who are open to growth, intellectually competent, loving, religious, and committed to doing justice.

A Jesuit education seeks to develop students who strive toward the Jesuit ideal of the magis: a thirst for the more, for the greater good, for the most courageous response to the challenges of our time in the fullest development of students' talents, and for a life-long disposition to serve.

A Jesuit education, if truly successful, results in a radical transformation of the way in which people habitually think, act, and the very way they live.

A Jesuit education strives to educate each student to accept that all persons are created in God's image and are unique expressions of the divine. This varied diversity inspires the men and women of our community to create a loving and nurturing environment where each student's talents, abilities and desires can reach their highest expression.

A Jesuit education challenges students to excel according to a pattern of Christian service -- to fulfill all of our God-given potential and to place that fullness at the service of others. Jesus Christ is the model for this service. While such a notion is contrary to much contemporary understanding of success, we believe it offers the student a rich capacity to engage in a loving dialogue with the world into which we send them at graduation. Our hope is that this dialogue will build a more just and faith-filled world.

In 1848, in Montreal, the Jesuits opened Collège Ste-Marie out of which would grow three others: Loyola College in 1896, St-Ignace in 1927 and Jean-de-Brébeuf in 1928. Later there would be colleges and high schools at St-Boniface, Sudbury, Edmonton, Regina, Kingston, Winnipeg, Halifax, St. John's, and Toronto.

Today, Jesuits run or assist in the operation of a number of elementary, secondary, post-secondary and research instiutions. Click the side menu or below links to see learn more:

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