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The Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, SJ, a Jesuit and Archbishop of Ottawa.

The scope and variety of the ministries of the Jesuits in English Canada reflects both our roots and our energetic response to current and future needs.
Our Work in Canada

The Focus of Our Work

All of our work is focused by the five priorities named by Fr. Pedro Arrupe, who was Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1965 to 1983. These five dynamic elements are integral to the methods and objectives of every work.

The Spiritual Exercises

Given the urgent search for meaning and the emergence of the laity in the Church, the energy of the Exercises should be focused on the encouragement of lay spirituality, the formation of laity for apostolic mission, and the formation of Christian community involving the laity, clergy and religious. And we need to develop a contemporary communal spirituality, inspired by the Exercises, that will assist us in facing the complexities of our world.

Theological Reflection

Just as the Exercises must be placed in dialogue with the world, so must theology. Theological reflection, which we know is not restricted to professional theologians, altilia-st-paulsmust address the questions, problems and data that come from all aspects of human society.


Our work in education has always been a major element of our presence in Canada. This work cannot be seen as the exclusive responsibility of formal educational institutions. All of our apostolates, in some measure, must attend to the formation of an intellectually, spiritually, theologically and morally mature laity who can exercise legitimate leadership within Canadian society and the Church community. 

The Promotion of Justice

The active pursuit of justice within the service of faith is at the heart of our work. We must not only ensure that our institutions and our communities are themselves native-katerijust in the way we treat employees, clientele, and each other, we must also be prepared to speak out and to act with and on behalf of all who suffer injustice and to promote structural change in society.

Communications Media

The critical understanding and effective use of communications media are crucial for our age. We all need to become far more critically aware of the media, more understanding of media language, and committed to the use of the media in all our work.


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