Easter Appeal

EASTER - 2019

Cross with flowers - Easter
we are your Easter people
and Alleluia is our song.
May we always be joyful in the resurrection of Jesus, your Son,
and proclaim the Good News to the people we meet.
Through Christ our Lord.

This alternative prayer after communion from the Easter liturgy contains a simple yet powerful message about Easter. Jesus has been raised from the dead, we are happy, He lives, we will also, and we need to tell the world about it. Easter is a time to throw off the soul-searching, penitence, and sacrifices of Lent and to proclaim Alleluia! He is Risen! to everyone who will listen, (and even those who don’t want to hear it).

We continue our tradition of special Easter cards this year, so please consider sending them as a way of spreading the Good News that He is risen. Please contact us at supportus@jesuits.ca or at 416-481-9154 to obtain your cards.

As always, the Jesuits pray for you during this Easter season and are most grateful for your generous support. Without your prayers and assistance, the Jesuits simply would not be able to continue their ministry of spreading the Alleluia! message throughout the world.

May God bless you during this joyous Easter season. 

Barry J. Leidl

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