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Senior Jesuits

While the word ‘retirement’ isn’t really in the Jesuit vocabulary, there are elderly Jesuits who are prevented by age or infirmity from participating actively in the apostolate. The Province supports these men in one of two ways:

1.  René Goupil House - Pickering, ON


For those Jesuits who cannot live independently, the Province provides 24-hour care in the Infirmary. This is a 24-bed facility, located in Pickering, Ontario. There is professional nursing care, dietician, therapists, volunteer coordinator, etc.

Average annual subsidy from the Province: $1,500,000
Average annual per capita subsidy: $62,500

2. Support for Communities

jesuit-seniors-communitiesMany elderly Jesuits continue to live in various communities across the country. Although they are unable to work daily in the apostolate, they do not require extensive medical attention or round-the-clock care. Because the support of these men can be a financial burden on communities with limited revenues, the Province provides a subsidy for them.

Average annual subsidy per man: $24,000 

Total cost to the Province: approx. $340,000

What You Can Do

A fund has been established at the Jesuit Development Office to help support our senior Jesuits.

You can make a secure donation online by clicking the "Donate Now" button below. To ensure your donation is used to support our senior Jesuits, type "Senior Jesuits" under the Purpose box on the Paypal donation page.

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