Truth, Reconciliation and Hope Conference

The culmination in June 2015 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), brought the situation of Indigenous peoples to the forefront of Canada’s national agenda.  The Jesuits in English Canada responded immediately to the TRC's 94 Calls to Action with a number of initiatives. 

June 2016 saw the Jesuits partnering with the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, to organize the conference: Truth, Reconciliation, and Hope: A new vision for Canada, and four days of events to honour Residential School Survivors, the First Nations and Métis peoples.  

Below are links to 16 videos featuring highlights from the conference.

For written coverage of the conference, click here.

Conference Summary Trailer

TRC: Afternoon RoundtableChildren of the Broken TreatyThe Jay TreatyLament for ConfederationNormalizing ReconciliationMorning RoundtableMother Teresa Middle SchoolMTMS: Drayden's StoryMTMS: Dylan's StoryWe Are All AccountableThe Martin InitiativeJesuit Statement of ReconciliationTreaties and their ImpactTwo Row WampumYoung Voices Roundtable

In My Own Words

During the Conference one-on-one interviews were conducted, the highlights of which were compiled into a documentary consisting of 3 short films. These are intended to stimulate reflection and dialogue in classrooms or small groups.

In My Own Words provides insight from the people at the heart of Canada’s history of residential schools and its journey to reconciliation.

The series consists of three short films containing intimate one-on-one interviews with indigenous elders, residential school survivors, students, and leaders in education and politics.

In each film, speakers share their personal stories in an effort to give young Canadians a deeper understanding of residential schools and their impact on generations of indigenous people, the country’s process of reconciliation, and the hope for a better future.

The films can be viewed for free below or by visiting

In My Own Words: TruthIn My Own Words: ReconciliationIn My Own Words: Hope


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