Adam D. Hincks: Jesuit, Scientist and Doctor in Physics

June 20, 2019 — “It would be stupid not to benefit from the formation that a man brings to the Society,” said the Vocations Director about Fr. Adam D. Hincks, “And I can say one thing: we’re not stupid! ” That is one of the memories that this Jesuit recounts in an article about the beginnings of his religious vocation in the lastest edition of the magazine Canadian Jesuits

His journey intimately links science and faith. Indeed, it is when he began his PhD in Physics that he felt a calling from God to enter religious life, a calling which deepened in the following years.  

A Jesuit for 10 years now, Fr. Hincks has been able to witness the veracity of what his Vocations Director said: he has pursued some of his scientific interests but has also deepened his knowledge, among other things, of the Scriptures and the theological tradition. His goal: to contribute to the dialogue between science and faith but also to bring consolation to God’s people as a priest. A Pierre Teilhard de Chardin of our time? 

To read the entire article in the Canadian Jesuits, see p. 13. 

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